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Optimal Workshop was founded by UX practitioners passionate about information architecture. We publish our own information architecture magazine, CRUX.

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CRUX #6: Information architecture in unexpected places

According to Abby Covert, author, teacher and community leader in the field of information architecture (IA) : ‘IA is the way we arrange pieces of content to make sense when experienced as a whole. By this definition: there is information architecture in everything. Mindblown?’ 😮 (That’s a resounding yes from an IA rookie like me.)... View Article

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CRUX #5: Information architecture in action

In the crowded and complex world we live in, great user experiences can make all the difference to the way we navigate day-to-day life. CRUX#5 reveals the many faces of information architecture at work and its positive impact in the fields of business, entertainment, education, and more. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable contributors generously paint a... View Article

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CRUX #4: fresh thinking from the world of UX

As the fourth issue of Crux goes to press the demand for usability continues to grow, along with the rise of the digital experience economy.  Sharing a sense of community among UXers is more important than ever.  That’s why we’re so proud to bring you our latest issue of CRUX celebrating people and perspectives from the UX community.

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Announcing our first-ever magazine!

We’re excited to announce the release of our first-ever digital magazine all about UX, CRUX, and give you the chance to read this first issue.

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