Announcing our first-ever magazine!

2 min read David Renwick

Looking for the too long, didn’t read? We’ve just released a new magazine and we think you should check it out.

In addition to working on a great set of tools to help user researchers and designers, we like to publish content here at Optimal Workshop too. Typically, this content is blog posts, feature release updates, case studies and support articles – but we also like to branch out.

So, with just a little fanfare 🎉, here’s the first issue of our new digital magazine focused on UX – CRUX! This is certainly a labour of love for us, and we’re really excited to see what you think. Dive in, read our content and let us know. 

While future issues of this magazine will likely center around a theme, this inaugural publication takes a broader approach. Inside, expect to find content on ResearchOps, carrying out remote user research, information on industry job titles and more. Hopefully, there’s a little something for everyone.

Here’s a little Q&A about some of the thinking behind this magazine:

  • Where did the idea come from? Well, we wanted to create a premium piece of content we could distribute to our community, and also give members of our community a voice.
  • What have we observed that makes us believe this commitment is worthwhile? We tend to get a good response to the various pieces of content that we publish – blogs, case studies, ebooks etc, so we decided to create what we saw as the logical evolution of that.
  • How do we expect it will help the readers? In the same way that any industry magazine helps an audience: By providing insights and thought leadership.
  • How often do we intend to publish? We’ll try and publish one of these per quarter, but we’ll see how this first issue goes and decide after that.

Interested in checking it out? Well, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. Check out the embedded first issue of CRUX below: