CRUX #6: Information architecture in unexpected places

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According to Abby Covert, author, teacher and community leader in the field of information architecture (IA) : ‘IA is the way we arrange pieces of content to make sense when experienced as a whole. By this definition: there is information architecture in everything. Mindblown?’

😮 (That’s a resounding yes from an IA rookie like me.)

In this issue of CRUX we go in search of information architecture and have some surprising encounters in the worlds of emoji, elevators, walking tracks, games and more. We meet UX designers, developers, researchers and even a Senior Park Ranger. It seems you can have your ‘IA hat’ on without even realising it. That’s the power of information architecture.

Some highlights from this issue:

  • UX research and strategy specialist, Q Walker explores the world of emoji from an information architecture perspective and sparks curiosity along the way. Have you ever wondered why clock emojis are organized under travel and places? 🤔
  • We talk to Senior Park Ranger David Rogers about the thinking behind creating and building New Zealand’s national walking track network and reveal how information architecture can also live ‘in the wild’.
  • UX developer Ben Chapman delves into the classification systems of libraries over time and ponders the pros and cons for users of moving information online.
  • We talk to Sam Cope, Lead UX Designer at Wētā Workshop’s Interactive division about what it takes to drive design decisions with the end user in mind – something crucial for any video game’s success, whether it’s a blockbuster or something more niche.
  • And much more about information architecture in unexpected places….

The stories and people in this issue of CRUX certainly captured our imagination and attention – we hope they inspire and even surprise you too.

Get comfortable and settle in for a great read. Welcome to CRUX #6.

A plug for the next issue

Do you have a burning idea to share or a conversation you’re dying to kickstart that’s of interest to the world of UX?  Now’s your chance.  We’re already on the lookout for contributors for our next edition of CRUX for 2022.  To find out more please drop us a line.