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Card sorting is a research technique that can show you how people understand and categorize information.

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Dive deeper into participant responses with segments

Our exciting new feature, segments, saves time by allowing you to create and save groups of participant responses based on various filters. Think of it as your magic wand to effortlessly organize and scrutinize the wealth of data and insight you collect in your studies. Even more exciting is that the segments are available in... View Article

4 min read
Welcome to the Optimal Academy 🎓

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online learning platform – the Optimal Academy. The academy offers on-demand courses and webinars to help you master each Optimal Workshop tool effectively and further build your expertise in Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX).  We have crafted a learning experience to cater to... View Article

2 min read
Product Update - August 2023

We’re excited to share some new features and product updates that we’ve rolled out lately and what’s coming up next. What’s new… Speeding up task analysis in Treejack 🚤 Customer feedback and research have shown that users analyse results in Treejack in a task-by-task manner. To better support this way of working, we’ve updated Treejack... View Article

4 min read
How to Conduct an Effective Card Sorting Session for Improved IA

Whether you’re designing a new website or redesigning an existing one, card sorting is a quick, reliable and inexpensive research tool that can significantly improve your information architecture. By improving your information architecture, you’re giving yourself the best chance at delivering a product that is accessible, usable and relevant. So, what exactly is card sorting?... View Article

7 min read
Live training: Dive head first into card sort analysis

Your cards have been sorted, and now you have lots of amazing data and insight to help improve your information architecture. So how do you interpret the results?  Never fear, our product ninjas Alex and Aidan are here to help. In our latest live training session they take you on a walk-through of card sort... View Article

1 min read
Make your investment in UX research go further 

Want to  make your investment in UX research go further?  If you’re feeling the heat from shrinking resources or budgets but know the value of UX research, sharing the ‘research love’ might be a good approach. Bring your stakeholders into the research fold by involving them in all or part of the process. Don’t just... View Article

1 min read
Back your investment in UX research 

Thinking about putting that big UX research project on hold for now as part of cost cutting? Unsure how to respond to questions around the value of UX research in light of concerns raised by your organization around spending?  In tough economic times it’s tempting to adopt a double down mentality and view UX research... View Article

2 min read
Different ways to test information architecture

We all know that building a robust information architecture (IA) can make or break your product. And getting it right can rely on robust user research. Especially when it comes to creating human-centered, intuitive products that deliver outstanding user experiences. But what are the best methods to test your information architecture? To make sure that... View Article

4 min read
Tree testing vs Card Sorting
Card Sorting vs Tree Testing: what's the best?

A great information architecture (IA) is essential for a great user experience (UX). And testing your website or app’s information architecture is necessary to get it right. Card sorting and tree testing are the very best UX research methods for exactly this. But the big question is always: which one should you use, and when?... View Article

4 min read
UX research methods for each product phase

What is UX research? User experience (UX) research, or user research as it’s commonly referred to, is an important part of the product design process. Primarily, UX research involves using different research methods to gather information about how your users interact with your product. It is an essential part of developing, building and launching a product... View Article

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