Looking ahead at Optimal Workshop 

2 min read Andrew Mayfield

I started at Optimal Workshop as CEO over a decade ago and in that time I have seen this company grow from humble beginnings in Wellington, into a globally recognized leader in the UX tools industry, with hundreds of thousands of users from some of the world’s most recognized brands. I am proud to have built an organization that is primed for the future. One that values its people, cares for its product, and loves its customers. 

It’s been an incredible journey, but with growth comes change, and so, after 14 years, I’ve decided it’s time for me to step down. This has been an incredibly hard decision because I am still (and always will be) very excited about the future for Optimal Workshop. The momentum, creativity, and innovation that is flowing within the team assure me that the best is absolutely yet to come. Nonetheless, I feel that my part is now played and I’ve got another baby on the way. I’m very much looking forward to spending more time with family and friends while I take a break.

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey, whether by advising, supplying, introducing, challenging, listening to or working, thinking and dreaming with me in my time here. Together, we’ve seen a tiny company flourish into a vibrant, resilient, and thriving organization on a shared mission to reinvent information architecture and help our customers create better experiences for everyone.

Moving forward, we’re incredibly lucky that our original founder, Sam Ng has recently rejoined our board and it feels like we’ve come full circle and are ready for a new chapter with fresh leadership who are ready and empowered to focus on innovation and long-term growth. To that end, I am also thrilled to announce that Meiken Bassant now joins me as co-CEO for the next few weeks, and will step into an Acting CEO role once I leave. Her dedication, clarity, and ability to lead make her the perfect choice for this transition. I’ve never had more confidence in Optimal Workshop’s leadership, in all our people, and in our product, than I do today.

I’ll be at Optimal Workshop for a little while longer and welcome any conversations or thoughts you may wish to share with me, before and after that time of course.

Thank you again to everyone who reads this, you’ve helped me more than you know and I appreciate it.

With endless gratitude, 

Andrew Mayfield