World Usability Day 2014 - What contest should we run?


As many of you may know, World Usability Day 2014 is nearly upon us (or WUD, as we like to call it here).

Well, it's in two months. But you know how quick time flies, right?! Put the date November 13, 2014 into your calendar so you don’t forget the excuse to break out the champagne.

We usually do something big every year to celebrate. And with the word ‘engagement’ being the theme of the day, we decided to do something super fun,  like a massive competition giveaway that asks you to engage with an idea, a question, a video, a wireframe, a service, and so on.

Sounds great, doesn't it! But there’s just one problem.

What type of competition should we run?!

The options of engagement for a giveaway competition are endless. My brain has been getting migraines thinking of the possible options we could do — a lot of them involving cat videos. To save yourself from a cat competition, it would be really cool if you gave us your ideas on what would make an engaging competition.

The giveaway will be pretty awesome but we can’t give you those details yet. Stay tuned. So if you like free stuff and enjoy sharing your knowledge, help us out and complete this 2 min survey below:

Fill out my online form.

Flashback to World Usability Day 2013

WUD 2013 was all about the theme of healthcare. We got a UX consultant to review the World Health Organization and MAYO clinic websites using Treejack. Check out the fascinating findings in two blogs we published last year:

Published on Aug 21, 2014
Alan O'Neill
  • Alan O'Neill
  • Alan is Optimal Workshop's marketing manager and digital lightbulb. He's Irish, loves surfing, and has a weird fascination with Red Pandas. Find him on @optimalworkshop or @optimalAlan

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