Why we created a new, more accessible plan

2 min read David Renwick

Summary: We’ve created a brand new Starter Plan to make research more accessible and easier than ever before.

The way people do research is changing. What was once a practice typically run over the course of many months, broader changes in the way we work are in turn forcing changes in the way we do research.

Enter the age of Agile. It’s rare now that you’ll have 6 months to deliver a project – most teams work in cycles of sprints, and it’s often necessary to do ‘just enough’ research in order to support the cadence of delivery teams.

Add to that, the type of people who are actually doing the research is changing too. Research is no longer confined to the job descriptions of information architects or senior user researchers, you’ll now find designers, marketers, product managers and more scoping out and running their own research projects.

We make a platform of user research tools. That’s why we feel we have a part to play in accelerating this trend in a sustainable way. We want to democratize research – we want to help people run the research they need to, when they need to. Sometimes this will mean a large, multi-method project run over the course of 6 months, and other times it’ll mean a quick project run just before the start of a sprint.

Enter our new Starter Plan.

We have designed an entirely new plan to help people run quick and easy research. Need to quickly validate an idea? Convince your boss that a bigger project is worth the time and energy? The Starter Plan will help you do just that.

Head over to the pricing page on the Optimal Workshop website to get the details on our new plan, or just take it for a spin now by signing up!

Starter Plan

Do more UX research for less 🚀

It's now easier to do fast, effective and affordable research. Our new starter plan is making research more accessible and affordable for those on a budget.