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We’ve created a new monthly and annual subscription that brings all of our tools into one platform — The Optimal Workshop Suite. This includes Treejack, OptimalSort, Chalkmark, Questions, and Reframer. From today, we no longer offer subscriptions to individual tools.

Check out our old, messy pricing page below:


And say hello to our shiny new one here:

Pricing Table

You still have the option to pay per study for Treejack, Chalkmark and OptimalSort. However, they’ll all be $99 USD each instead of $149. These upgraded studies have all the features of a subscription, except for post-study redirects.

What’s staying the same?

Pretty much everything else. The Optimal Workshop Suite allows you to create unlimited studies for an uncapped number of participants — just like an individual tool subscription, except it will be for the entire suite. Also, as you are now subscribed to the entire suite you'll have access to all future enhancements and suite-level tools that are coming down the track.

Our generous free plan is still up for grabs, as is our 50% discount for education providers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

If you’d like to find out more about our tools, check out our 101s or drop us a line!

Published on Sep 01, 2016
Max Koh
  • Max Koh
  • Max is Optimal Workshop's UX writer/word person, resident cat whisperer and Samoyed enthusiast. Connect with her on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/marishakoh

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