Webinar: Getting Started with Tree Testing

Last week we ran a great webinar on Tree Testing with Dave O'Brien. Although we had a hiccup whereby we *forgot* to press the teenie tiny Start Recording button until about half way through, Dave has kindly offered to redo the webinar for us. What a guy. The bonus is that this time he's been even more thorough and taken all the questions raised during the live webinar into consideration on the way. So here it is!

Part 2 will be ready in a couple of days is now available!
[vimeo clip_id="19457893" width=532 height=399]
Dave O'Brien designed the first version of Treejack to make it easy to run tree tests online. He's a senior consultant at Optimal Usability, New Zealand's leading usability company, and has been deep into usability and design for 15 years.


Tree testing is a great way to quickly validate your Information Architecture (IA) and site navigation ideas. This webinar is about how to get up and running with Treejack quickly and avoid the most common mistakes. You'll also learn how to get more out of your tree tests using a few of the more advanced features of Treejack, particularly in Part 2.


You can download the files used in the webinar here:


The agenda for the webinar is:

  1. Quick Treejack tour
  2. What is tree testing?
  3. Planning a tree test
  4. Setting up Treejack
  5. Running a test
  6. High-level results analysis
  7. Detailed results analysis
  8. Lessons Learned
  9. Q&A



Published on Feb 02, 2011
Andrew Mayfield

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