Values as a design tool - our manifesto

A few days ago, the following question was posed on this mailing list:

Does anyone have examples of or can point to companies who have brand guidelines/principles that are truly useful to guide and direct product/service development (not just advertising and marketing messages)?

We do. It's our manifesto that we use to drive our business, product development and design decisions.

The interest from sharing our manifesto with those on the mailing list has prompted us to consider whether we share it more widely. This is a little intimidating because:

  • The manifesto is a draft and far from being what we would consider done.
  • Anyone and everyone can now hold us accountable to whether we live up to it.

Yet, we believe that our core values can, and will, drive our decision making. Values can, and should, be another design tool. Each design feature or decision should be in line with one of our core values. This simplifies what we're about and provides a real focus on what is in and what is out.

Here is the Optimal Workshop manifesto.

Published on Apr 17, 2009
  • Sam Ng
  • Sam Ng is one of Optimal Workshop's founders.

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