UX Resolutions (2014)

As New Year’s Day is nearly upon us, we decided to ask our beloved customer base (which is bursting with UX professionals) a simple question; ‘What are your aspirations for 2014?’ Let’s skip the ‘a fresh start…new beginnings’ content and jump straight onto what you peeps came here to read - UX resolutions. Throughout the coming year we hope to stay in contact with these UX folk to find out how they're going. Stay tuned.

"My community resolution is to bring the development and design communities together in Memphis. We often find ourselves in such silos that we forget that the entire experience is what's most important. Developers should have an understanding of UX and of design standards, and designers should understand the limitations of and how code works.

My resolution at work is to create a pattern library for our developers to use when making new functionality so that they can rely less on getting full design comps and know more about the usability of what they're building and the design standards that go into it."

Bryan Robinson | Director of Usability and Interactive at RocketFuel

"In 2014 I would like to give back to the UX community. After 15 years I feel finally that I am in a position to help teach others by writing articles, presenting at conferences, and mentoring UX juniors. I have been helped tremendously by the knowledge shared by experts in the field and I think it’s time to repay that debt."

Gianna LaPin | Senior UX/UI Designer/Developer for the Mayo Clinic

"My wish for 2014 is that businesses would take the time to listen to people they design for on an ongoing basis, to better understand how people play into their story, as opposed to treating people understanding as a box to be ticked now and again to meet a project milestone."

Daniel Szuc | co-founder of Apogee and Design Researcher with over 18 years experience.

My own UX resolution: To try using other words in place of “user” to more precisely describe the role a person assumes when using, playing, working with, researching with, participating in, shopping on, subscribing to, watching, eating or otherwise interacting with something.

In response to this, Gayland Moffat (Chief Operating Officer at LineaGen Inc) gave us some more options to achieve our goals:

"How about "non mechanical turk" -- "consumer" -- "Customer" -- "the human side of the computer" -- "what the computer camera sees" -- "Alice" (as in through the looking glass) -- "hands" -- "heads" -- "hands and heads" -- "mind body spirit" -- "human counterparts" - "the sentients" -- "guys and dolls" (probably too sexist and dated) -- "participants" -- "fans" -- "representatives" -- "Pat" (as in Saturday Night Live gender neutral character). "

"My goal is to gain more insight than I'm currently doing. Create, validate, edit, repeat = more. And I'm jumping on your "user" bandwagon! Good call."

Jen Stickler | Director at Flint Interactive

"Simply, we don't test enough so my resolution is test more! Started early as I'm just on the way to a testing session right now  : ) "

Jamie Dixon | Digital Marketing Manager at Wirral Borough Council

“Dig deeper into Lean UX and ask myself the Lean questions (“Is this project/feature/enhancement worth doing? What’s the cheapest, quickest way to find out?”) for the tools and methods I use every day.”

Dave O’Brien | Senior Experience Designer at Optimal Experience

"My resolution is to put more effort into observing where the UX community is up to, how work is being done and identify where work trends are heading to do a better job of offering UX education. And actually, to do no UX work itself : ) "

Donna Spencer | Director: Maadmob & UX Events

What are your UX resolutions for the coming year? Please leave a comment below if you have something to add to the list.

Hope to see you kicking ass in 2014.
Alan from Optimal Workshop

Published on Dec 31, 2013
Alan O'Neill
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