"What books do you recommend on quantitative analysis of user tests?"

Ashlea McKay


Thanks for your question!

This time I thought I'd hand it over to one of my UX buddies at Optimal Workshop to answer. So here's Matt with a couple of great recommendations.

The books Matt refers to in this video are:

Who is UX Agony Aunt? Can she help me?!

She certainly can! Head on over to her place and find out what she can help you with, and how you can submit a question.

Ashlea McKay
  • Ashlea McKay
  • Ashlea McKay is a user experience designer (UX), researcher and writer with a background in industrial design. Her experience spans both the public and private sectors and she is an internationally respected industry thought leader and conference speaker. Ashlea loves conducting user research because she learns something new every day and enjoys understanding what makes users tick. Ashlea is also passionate about mentoring and is heavily involved in the UX community at large. She regularly writes articles for well-known UX publications and is the co-founder and voice behind UX advice column, UX Agony Aunt. In her spare time, Ashlea enjoys colouring in and adding to her extensive LEGO collection.

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