Treejack and OptimalSort visualizations get some love


Recently our Lead Developer, Ross, introduced some smart changes to our results visualizations in Treejack and OptimalSort that made the whole team at Optimal Workshop go “Oooh”. Here’s what you can expect from improvements to pietrees in Treejack, and dendrograms in OptimalSort.

Your pietree is baking…

If you’ve ever run a study using Treejack, chances are you’ve encountered our beloved pietree. Pietrees convert the results of your tree test into a handy visualization, where at a glance you can see where your IA works and where it doesn’t. Pietrees are pretty stunning, too. They make your data easy to navigate and provide an interactive way of understanding your results that will make any researcher sing.

The pietree has been given performance improvements and also a range of styling updates. Not only will your results load faster, but we’ve added an animation that builds out your tree following your hierarchy to illustrate your results.

Among styling updates to make your pietree easier to navigate, we’ve made the root node of your tree more distinguishable. This will add more clarity to your results.
PietreeTo make sharing your results with other team members and stakeholders easier, we’ve also updated the pietree export with better formatting to help you share your research with others. You can now also choose to export you pietree in either an SVG or PNG format.

Dendrogram improvements

Dendrograms can seem a little intimidating at first, but once understood they offer probably the most insightful information to help you interpret the data from your open or hybrid card sorts. To find out a little bit more about how dendrograms work, I recommend taking a little bit of a peek into this useful article from our Knowledge Base.

Improving speed and clarity is always on our agenda, and just like in the case of the pietree, dendrograms have also benefited from a performance improvement. Most importantly, we’ve introduced helpful “snap-to” guidelines for determining agreement for a given branch. This will make navigating through the interactive dendrogram easier, and help you see the exact percentages of participants that agree with particular groupings.

dendrogram (1)

What can we do for you?

We’re in the business of making things intuitive and simple, and this includes providing our customers with the best possible experience of using our tools.

If you have ideas on how we can make it easier for you to gain insights and understand your results from our tools, let us know. Tell us about your experience analyzing your data and communicating your results, and help us improve our tools for you.

Published on May 13, 2016
Ania Mastalerz
  • Ania Mastalerz
  • Ania is a user researcher at Optimal Workshop. When she's not researching the researchers, she's shredding on Mt. Ruapehu and eating healthy snacks.

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