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Card descriptions: Testing the effect of contextual information in card sorts

Card sorts are in essence a simple technique, however it’s the details of the sort that can determine the quality of your results.

Treejack takes a trip with American Airlines

Airlines need to ensure their digital channels are delivering a great user experience. Read on to see how we tested American Airlines with Treejack.

A guide to conducting a heuristic evaluation

Before you dive into your own heuristic evaluation, take some time to learn what they are, what’s involved, and how to conduct one.

Around the world in 80 burgers—when Chalkmark met McDonald’s

McDonald’s a good grilling by testing ten of its country-specific websites’ home pages in one Chalkmark study.

The remote testing tool that keeps on giving: When Chalkmark met Coca-Cola

Ashlea McKay takes a deep look at world-famous Coca Cola using our very own remote testing tool Chalkmark.

All grown up: what first-click testing can teach us about an enterprise

Enterprises change organically over time. So what can first click testing, using Optimal Workshop's Chalkmark, tell us about enterprise?

Teacher taxonomy: What tree testing told us about our website

We provide online resources for K-12 teachers and administrators around the USA, so getting our information architecture right is an art form. Here's...

A Matter of Life and Death: Finding content on Manchester United's website

Justin ran a tree test on a popular sporting team's website. Here's what he discovered.

Tree testing and card sorting Yelp's support content

We recently ran a study on Yelp's desktop website as part of a redesign exercise for an ebook, and our eye was caught by one of Yelp's support sites....

We used five remote user testing techniques to analyze Yelp for our ebook

We used five remote user testing techniques to analyze Yelp for our ebook