What is Speculative Design?

UX New Zealand 2016 speaker Phil Balagtas explains speculative design ahead of his presentation at this year's conference.

Understanding a museum’s digital audience

UX New Zealand 2016 speaker Lana Gibson discusses how she used personas to redesign the website for a museum in Wellington, New Zealand.

T’s, E’s, Paint Drips, and Webs: What makes a UX Generalist?

Not sure what makes up the ideal UX Generalist? UX New Zealand 2016 speaker Stacey Seronick discusses what she thinks makes a great UX Generalist.

A conversation on virtual reality: The past, the present, and beyond

Senior UX designer Shane Goodwin discusses virtual reality and what's in store for it in the future, ahead of his UX New Zealand 2016 presentation.

Automation fascination

Senior UX designer Jenn Downs discusses her fascination with automation, ahead of her presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.