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Changing peer perspectives: The first step to designing better experiences

In order to create better experiences for your customers, your peers need to be in the same frame of mind for change. Read Nathan Shedroff's tips...

How can we reach internal users and get them excited about participating in user research?

Need to recruit participants for your user research from within your own company? Keep these tips from UX Agony Aunt in mind!

How to run fast and affordable usability tests with hard-to-reach, high-earning users

Recruiting participants for usability studies can be tricky, but there are ways around this hurdle. Read on to find out UX Agony Aunt's advice!

Tree testing in the design process — Part 2: The design phase

After explaining how tree testing fits into the research phase in part one of this series, Dave O'Brien now tells us where it sits within the design...

How we support the Optimal Workshop community

As a member of the Customer Success Team, I strive to ensure our customers are successful with the research they’re doing. To do this, I use Intercom.

What is temporal design thinking?

Heading to UX New Zealand 2016? Check out what Jason CranfordTeague has to say about temporal design thinking before his presentation.

UX Yoga – Or how to do UX in an agile world

Natalie Kerschner, senior user experience specialist, pens her thoughts on how Agile and UX fit together ahead of her presentation at UX New Zealand...

What is Speculative Design?

UX New Zealand 2016 speaker Phil Balagtas explains speculative design ahead of his presentation at this year's conference.

Understanding a museum’s digital audience

UX New Zealand 2016 speaker Lana Gibson discusses how she used personas to redesign the website for a museum in Wellington, New Zealand.

T’s, E’s, Paint Drips, and Webs: What makes a UX Generalist?

Not sure what makes up the ideal UX Generalist? UX New Zealand 2016 speaker Stacey Seronick discusses what she thinks makes a great UX Generalist.