User Interface Design


How to test paper prototypes with users

Paper prototypes are an awesome way to introduce research early in the design process. They’re cheap, useful, and testing them is actually kind of...

Understanding UI design and its principles

User interface design is an integral part of any website or application, and is also arguably one of the most important. Read on to learn more.

A guide to conducting a heuristic evaluation

Before you dive into your own heuristic evaluation, take some time to learn what they are, what’s involved, and how to conduct one.

To wizard, or not to wizard: designing forms that work

Take people through step by step, or leave them to it? UX Agony Aunt tackles forms.

"I need to upsell an item for charity during the online checkout process..."

This week's advice is on how to handle the delicate business of charity upselling for ecommerce websites.

Are small links more attractive to people as icons or text?

UX Agony Aunt offers her opinion on whether small icons can stand alone without text, or if text on its own is preferable.

A sparkly new user interface for your participants

We've been improving the UI features of Treejack, OptimalSort, and Chalkmark, and in this post our designer Matt shows you a few befores-and-afters.

An improved results platform for tree testing with Treejack

An improved results platform for tree testing with Treejack

TV Interface testing with Chalkmark

TV Interface testing with Chalkmark