User Experience


How to conduct a user interview

User interviews are extremely flexible and can deliver deep, meaningful results in a relatively short amount of time.

A beginner’s guide to qualitative and quantitative research

Every research method is either qualitative, quantitative – or both. Understandably, this can be confusing. Here's a handy breakdown.

How to convince others of the importance of UX research

Convincing others of the critical nature of UX research can be one of the most difficult jobs for a user researcher. Unlike many other professions, researchers...

Content audit: Taking stock of our learning resources

A content audit of every blog post, case study and video on your website is one of the few activities that can give you an unparalleled level of insight into...

What is mixed methods research?

Mixed methods research combines the qualitative richness of different people's experiences and behavioral insights with valuable, tangible quantitative metrics...

3 things to consider when designing for human differences

With no such thing as "the average user", the architects of digital experiences used by millions of people need to take everybody into account.

World Usability Day 2018: 6 examples of bad design and how to improve them

Our blog post for World Usability Day 2018, featuring 6 examples of bad design on different websites and how to improve them.

Building a brand new experience for Reframer

We've been working hard on a fresh new look and features for our qualitative research tool Reframer. Learn more about them here!

How to define and refine ontology

Ontology is a big part of developing an information architecture. Read on to see some examples (including one lesson we learned at Optimal Workshop!), and find...

The information architecture of libraries part 2:  Library of Congress Classification

We're taking another look at libraries and information architecture. In this second part of the series, it's the Library of Congress Classification system's...