Reframer 2


Building a brand new experience for Reframer

We've been working hard on a fresh new look and features for our qualitative research tool Reframer. Learn more about them here!

Tagging your way to success: How to make sense of your qualitative research

Qualitative research analysis is a hefty task. To help make sense of your research, use tagging to organize your data.

New to Reframer: Tag groups and custom colors

We've added a few things to the way you create, use and manage tags in Reframer. Read on to learn more!

Better research with Optimal Workshop and MURAL

Research and design has changed over time, thanks to technology. Read on to find out how to do better research for design with Optimal Workshop and MURAL.

A snapshot of Optimal Workshop customers

We recently invited a number of our researchers to complete a survey in order to develop a wider snapshot of how people use our tools.

Correct areas for Chalkmark

We've enabled a new feature for Chalkmark that allows you to set one or more correct areas to new and existing surveys. Check it out here!

How to rehome your qualitative research notes into Reframer

Reframer allows you to import all of your observations and give them a new home, meaning you won't ever lose track of your old notes again.

Taking better notes for better sensemaking

This post makes suggestions for practitioners as part of observing users during UX interviews.

Nailing the Reframer 'capture' experience

We think you’ll have fun with this new feature, but above all, we hope it enables you to get your tagging consistent and thus refine your results.

Reframer strikes a chord ... diagram

I've created two new data visualizations for your Reframer projects.