Qualitative User Research


5 lessons user researchers can learn from a longtime interviewee

Want to learn how to be a better user interviewer? Check out this feedback from a long time interviewee for some tips to keep in mind during your next session.

13 time-saving tips and tools for conducting great user interviews

Remote user interviews can take up a lot of time and cause stress for your team. Take some of the hassle out of your next session by using some of these tips.

How can we reach internal users and get them excited about participating in user research?

Need to recruit participants for your user research from within your own company? Keep these tips from UX Agony Aunt in mind!

Better research with Optimal Workshop and MURAL

Research and design has changed over time, thanks to technology. Read on to find out how to do better research for design with Optimal Workshop and MURAL.

How to introduce better research practices

How can you convince your boss or coworkers to take on better research practices? And why is this important? Read on to find out.

3 ways you can use online surveys in your UX research

Online survey tools can help you with remote user testing and other UX research. Read on to find out how you can use Questions to complement your studies.

How to rehome your qualitative research notes into Reframer

Reframer allows you to import all of your observations and give them a new home, meaning you won't ever lose track of your old notes again.

What the User Researchers have been up to…

Our User Researchers have been listening to what users have had to say about Reframer — the newest addition to the Optimal Workshop family.

Taking better notes for better sensemaking

This post makes suggestions for practitioners as part of observing users during UX interviews.

My first week as a user researcher

I’ve always wanted to get involved directly in the UX industry, and now I’ve found myself in the very middle of it. Read my journey — past, present and future!