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Time, space and information architecture

Dan Ramsden, creative director of UX architecture at BBC, shares his thoughts on information architecture before his presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.

How we support the Optimal Workshop community

As a member of the Customer Success Team, I strive to ensure our customers are successful with the research they’re doing. To do this, I use Intercom.

What is temporal design thinking?

Heading to UX New Zealand 2016? Check out what Jason CranfordTeague has to say about temporal design thinking before his presentation.

Cognitive biases in user research

How do cognitive biases affect user research? And how can you avoid them? Ruth Ellison explains before her presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.

User research in an agile environment

How does user research work in a business that has adopted the agile methodology? Our Sales Director James Wood explains.

How to introduce better research practices

How can you convince your boss or coworkers to take on better research practices? And why is this important? Read on to find out.

Business analysis and the politics of design

Cornelius Rachieru shares some insights into the relationship between business analysis and design before his talk at UX New Zealand 2016.

Bots are here…. but don’t be afraid

CEO of Kona, Diego Cibils, explains the future of bots and the potential they have before his presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.

67 ways to use the Optimal Workshop Suite of user research tools

Got a spare few minutes to get creative with The Optimal Workshop Suite? Here's a list of 67 ideas to get you started!

The design for emerging technologies

Blippar UX Design Leads Carina Ngai and David Montero have lots to say about designing for emerging technologies at UX New Zealand 2016.