Optimal Workshop News


We’ve changed our pricing

We’ve created a new monthly and annual subscription that brings all of our tools into one platform — The Optimal Workshop Suite.

Dodging the demo dilemma

Got a product demo coming up soon? Follow these tips from Optimal Workshop's customer success manager for a flawless presentation.

CEO update: Always be building

Our CEO Andrew Mayfield waxes lyrical about the goings on at Optimal Workshop — things we've seen and what lies on the road ahead of us.

Introducing participant screening

Participant screening questions have been released on Bleeding Edge. Read on to find out how to use them, and why you should include them in your studies.

Treejack and OptimalSort visualizations get some love

Recently, our Lead Developer Ross took some time to make some improvements to our pietrees and dendrograms. Check them out here.

Post-task questions for Treejack and Chalkmark

You can now set specific task-related questions for both Treejack and Chalkmark. Check out how to use this new feature here!

Gettin' down with Markdown

We've made an exciting change to survey messages to support text formatting with Markdown. Check out the basics here!

How Samantha spruced up our sign-up page

Our user onboarding and optimization expert Samantha took some time to revamp our sign-up page in order to increase conversions.

How Andy is using OptimalSort to prioritize our product improvements

Our new Product Manager Andy has taken on the task of prioritizing product improvements using our very own OptimalSort.

What the User Researchers have been up to…

Our User Researchers have been listening to what users have had to say about Reframer — the newest addition to the Optimal Workshop family.