Conferences And Comrades


Are we using design to make the world a less valuable place?

Michael Palmyre Joined us the Optimal Workshop Roadshow in Sydney to talk about value, its different meanings, and how it relates to experience...

The unicorn is dead: Soft skills trump coding skills

What are soft skills? Why are they important? Paul Sherman shares his thoughts and opinions before his presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.

From A to UX

How can you succeed when making a change? Before her talk at UX New Zealand 2016 Stephanie Wilson explains how she brought UX practices to her...

Time, space and information architecture

Dan Ramsden, creative director of UX architecture at BBC, shares his thoughts on information architecture before his presentation at UX New Zealand...

What is temporal design thinking?

Heading to UX New Zealand 2016? Check out what Jason CranfordTeague has to say about temporal design thinking before his presentation.

Cognitive biases in user research

How do cognitive biases affect user research? And how can you avoid them? Ruth Ellison explains before her presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.

Business analysis and the politics of design

Cornelius Rachieru shares some insights into the relationship between business analysis and design before his talk at UX New Zealand 2016.

Bots are here…. but don’t be afraid

CEO of Kona, Diego Cibils, explains the future of bots and the potential they have before his presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.

The design for emerging technologies

Blippar UX Design Leads Carina Ngai and David Montero have lots to say about designing for emerging technologies at UX New Zealand 2016.

Make better content for everyone (or how I learned to stop whining and love the content audit)

Ahead of their presentation at UX New Zealand 2016, Ruth explains how she made better content and a better user experience for the Te Papa website.