How to test mobile apps with Chalkmark

Mobile app testing with users throughout the design process is essential to ensuring product success. After all, the number of mobile users worldwide only...

A snapshot of Optimal Workshop customers

We recently invited a number of our researchers to complete a survey in order to develop a wider snapshot of how people use our tools.

A short guide to personas

Learn the basics of personas and how to validate them using our very own Chalkmark.

Post-task questions for Treejack and Chalkmark

You can now set specific task-related questions for both Treejack and Chalkmark. Check out how to use this new feature here!

Around the world in 80 burgers—when Chalkmark met McDonald’s

McDonald’s a good grilling by testing ten of its country-specific websites’ home pages in one Chalkmark study.

The remote testing tool that keeps on giving: When Chalkmark met Coca-Cola

Ashlea McKay takes a deep look at world-famous Coca Cola using our very own remote testing tool Chalkmark.

All grown up: what first-click testing can teach us about an enterprise

Enterprises change organically over time. So what can first click testing, using Optimal Workshop's Chalkmark, tell us about enterprise?

A sparkly new user interface for your participants

We've been improving the UI features of Treejack, OptimalSort, and Chalkmark, and in this post our designer Matt shows you a few befores-and-afters.

Does the first click really matter? Treejack says yes

A paper published in 2009 established a positive link between first clicks and task success in scenario-based user tests. We've analyzed missions of tree test...

Thanksgiving, Chalkmark, and the biggest Turkey: Study findings

We created and ran a Chalkmark study with a Thanksgiving theme. Read the ridiculous key findings, participate in the fun study, or check out the live results.