Card Sorting


New feature: Category card limits

We're excited to announce a brand new feature for closed and hybrid card sorts in OptimalSort: category card limits! Read on to find out more.

Tree testing in the design process — Part 2: The design phase

After explaining how tree testing fits into the research phase in part one of this series, Dave O'Brien now tells us where it sits within the design...

67 ways to use the Optimal Workshop Suite of user research tools

Got a spare few minutes to get creative with The Optimal Workshop Suite? Here's a list of 67 ideas to get you started!

Tree testing in the design process — Part 1: The research phase

Every facet of design — research, information architecture, visual design, content strategy — affects everything else. Read on to find out how.

Card descriptions: Testing the effect of contextual information in card sorts

Card sorts are in essence a simple technique, however it’s the details of the sort that can determine the quality of your results.

A guide to conducting a heuristic evaluation

Before you dive into your own heuristic evaluation, take some time to learn what they are, what’s involved, and how to conduct one.

A quick analysis of feedback collected with OptimalSort

Your participants in OptimalSort can leave comments, which allows you to get the most out of your remote card sorting studies.

Using paper prototypes in UX

Despite a fair amount of criticism, paper prototypes have become a popular tool used among researchers. Here, we explore this tool in more detail.

How Andy is using OptimalSort to prioritize our product improvements

Our new Product Manager Andy has taken on the task of prioritizing product improvements using our very own OptimalSort.

Which comes first: card sorting or tree testing?

Tree testing or card sorting first? It’s a question that many researchers often ask themselves, but I’m here to help clear the air!