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We're running an OptimalSort survey to find out how you, the web-reading public, will categorize cats.  Cute, funny, scary, human-like, stupid, helpful, debased, clumsy, intelligent, smiley — describe a type of cat, and at least one of you has laughed yourself to tears over it. And then there’s the memes: cat beard, bread face, kitlers, OMG cat, and Grumpy Cat, just to name the best (or our favorites).

Will we ever get over it? I doubt it. So let's join in! But first, a word about using images on a card sorting user test.

A word about card sorting using images

Your information architecture planning is likely to focus mainly on text — choosing the ideal words and combinations of words to make the information on your website easy to find. Therefore, the cards you create for a card sorting user test will be text-based. But what if your website deals predominantly in images?

You put images on your cards instead of text, of course.

You might use image card sorting if you sell products that your customers would prefer to see as images, like clothes and appliances (think Amazon, Lowes, and Zappos). Or you might be curating a design website, and you want to know how people instinctively arrange your images (think Pinterest and Instagram categories and hashtags). These are just two reasons out of many for choosing an image card sort.

Keep an eye out for a more comprehensive article from us on using images in card sorting — it’s on its way. But, for now, have a go at our cat image card sort.

Participate in our cat image OptimalSort survey (Type 'cat23' into the ID box)

Check out the live results

We've picked some interesting results and blogged about them: Meow! Check out these CATegories from our CatSort survey.

Published on May 22, 2014
Kathryn Reeves

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