Thanksgiving, Chalkmark, and the biggest Turkey: Study findings

3 min read Kathryn Reeves

We wished our American colleagues, friends, and customers a Happy Thanksgiving by creating a Chalkmark research activity especially for them. How lucky were they?! Who needs the latest iPhone when you can have 2 minutes of comic relief…

If you want, you can complete the live survey before reading the results below (taken on 3 December). And you can also check out the live results yourself to draw your own conclusions.

Task 1: What are you going to eat first of your Thanksgiving Dinner?

5 thanksgiving UX 1

Well, the Turkey is of course very popular, with 34% of people eating it first. Next comes bread, pasta, and broccoli, all eaten first by 10% of people respectively. 7% kicked off their palate with the salad, and 5% with the stuffing. Interestingly, another 5% started with the cranberry sauce…on it’s own, I wonder?

Task 2: Find the turkey amongst the chickens

6 turkey

It took participants an average of 29 seconds to find the turkey, and, surprisingly, only 62% of them did so. To be fair, if any of the participants were from New Zealand, their struggle may have been because of a lack of knowledge: I had to look up turkeys on google image before I could be certain what one looked like. They kind of look like chickens from afar…

Task 3: Find the biggest turkey

1 turkey hunt

Self-evident results. 43% of participants believe Justin Bieber is a bigger Turkey than the country. Sorry Justin, the people have spoken.

Who is most likely to get drunk first on Christmas?


26% of participants are pretty clear it’s going to be themselves — we appreciate your honesty. The other winners are your friends (at 27%) and your cousins (at 18%). Your grandfather at 8% beats your grandmother at 3%. And, finally, 3% of participants said nobody — a chaste Thanksgiving, indeed.

Who’s going to get to the shelves first in this Black Friday sale?

2 black friday shopping race

Cleverly, 30% of people chose the person in the bottom right corner of the picture — a person I completely missed when I predicted the dude in the white hooded sweatshirt towards the back (who 5% of participants chose). 33% of people reckoned the girl in the red jacket would get there first, and there was a smattering of hope for the others. We’ll never know what happened for sure, so we’ll just have to learn to live with the mystery.

Where’s Waldo at this Black Friday sale?

4 wheres waldo

90% of participants found Waldo. We knew you would. We believed in you the whole time 🙂

Want to run studies using Chalkmark?

If you’d like to run user studies using Chalkmark and write up your objectives and results as blogs, contact Both ourselves and our readers are always interested in reading real-life studies. And if you can think of original and unexpected ways to use Chalkmark, let us know those as well.