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Get a headstart on your research with templates

We’re excited to announce our first six project templates are now available in Optimal Workshop! We understand that not everyone knows where to start with customer research, so these ready-made templates have been created with UX industry experts to give you the confidence to quickly launch studies and get the results you need to make... View Article

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UX research is a team effort

What’s better than a UX team doing awesome research? A whole organization backing investment in UX research. What’s that look like in practice?  Collaboration and support from stakeholders across the organization throughout the research process from set up, doing studies, sharing insights, and digesting, understanding, and actioning recommendations based on the amazing insights you generate.... View Article

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The Ultimate UX Research Repository: Empowering Your Entire Product Team with Specialized Tools

User research is vital to the product development process as it helps product teams understand their users’ needs, behaviors, preferences, and pain points. By gathering insights from various research methods, such as user interviews, surveys, usability testing, and analytics data, product teams can make informed decisions based on evidence, rather than assumptions or personal opinions.... View Article

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Make your investment in UX research go further 

Want to  make your investment in UX research go further?  If you’re feeling the heat from shrinking resources or budgets but know the value of UX research, sharing the ‘research love’ might be a good approach. Bring your stakeholders into the research fold by involving them in all or part of the process. Don’t just... View Article

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Using UX to win in good times (and bad)

A  natural response to a downturn is to contract. To remove ‘excess’ to become streamlined. Whilst this is an understandable and natural response to a reduction in revenue, bookings, or orders, it could be a little counter-intuitive. Marketing and research budgets are often reduced as part of saving money and resource in hard times. Still,... View Article

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Back your investment in UX research 

Thinking about putting that big UX research project on hold for now as part of cost cutting? Unsure how to respond to questions around the value of UX research in light of concerns raised by your organization around spending?  In tough economic times it’s tempting to adopt a double down mentality and view UX research... View Article

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Create a user research plan with these steps

A great user experience (UX) is one of the largest drivers of growth and revenue through user satisfaction. However, when budgets get tight, or there is a squeeze on timelines, user research is one of the first things to go. Often at the cost of user satisfaction.   This short sighted view can mean project managers... View Article

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Moderated vs unmoderated research: which approach is best?

Knowing and understanding why and how your users use your product is invaluable for getting to the nitty gritty of usability. Delving deep with probing questions into motivation or skimming over looking for issues can equally be informative.  Put super simply, usability testing literally is testing how usable your product is for your users. If... View Article

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6 Optimal Workshop improvements to make your user research experience easier

When it comes to supporting your quantitative and qualitative user research, we’re always looking for ways to make your in-app experience smoother and easier. From automating receipts through to more intuitive filtering, take a look at what we’ve released or improved over the past month. Guest notetakers can now use tags in Reframer Share the... View Article

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Why user research is essential for product development

Many organizations are aware that staying relevant essential for their success. This can mean a lot of things to different organizations. What it often means is coming up with plenty of new, innovative ideas and products to keep pace with the demands and needs of the marketplace. It also means keeping up with the expectations... View Article

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