Quantitative research

Quantitative research is about measurement. It focuses on gathering data and then turning this data into usable statistics.

The latest in Quantitative research

Mixed methods research in 2021

Mixed methods research is the biggest trending research area of 2021. Why should you be using mixed methods research? And how?

6 min read
How to create a UX research plan

Having a detailed UX research plan helps you keep your overarching research goals in mind as you work through the logistics of a research project.

9 min read
The ultimate IA reading list

We’ve compiled an extensive directory where you can find authoritative content from information architects all over the world.

7 min read
New feature for Questions: Logic

We’ve just added an exciting new feature to Questions – survey logic. Learn what it is, why it’s useful and how we implemented it.

5 min read
A beginner’s guide to qualitative and quantitative research

In the field of user research, every method is either qualitative, quantitative, and there can oftern be some confusion around when to use what methods. Learn more about when and why you'd want to use qualitative or quantitative research methods.

6 min read