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CRUX #6: Information architecture in unexpected places

According to Abby Covert, author, teacher and community leader in the field of information architecture (IA) : ‘IA is the way we arrange pieces of content to make sense when experienced as a whole. By this definition: there is information architecture in everything. Mindblown?’ 😮 (That’s a resounding yes from an IA rookie like me.)... View Article

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Information architecture lives here : make IA part of your digital space

There is an enormous amount of information on the internet. Every page you load is crammed with it. With so much information around, it’s incredibly important to remember that for human minds to be able to actually process and make sense of it, considered, strategic, ordered information architecture is needed. Information architecture is everywhere digitally,... View Article

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CRUX #5: Information architecture in action

In the crowded and complex world we live in, great user experiences can make all the difference to the way we navigate day-to-day life. CRUX#5 reveals the many faces of information architecture at work and its positive impact in the fields of business, entertainment, education, and more. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable contributors generously paint a... View Article

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