The process of creating a design can either be brief (like a quick drawing) or complicated, involving research, consultation, prototyping and negotiation.

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Usability Experts Unite: The Power of Heuristic Evaluation in User Interface Design

Usability experts play an essential role in the user interface design process by evaluating the usability of digital products from a very important perspective – the users! Usability experts utilize various techniques such as heuristic evaluation, usability testing, and user research to gather data on how users interact with digital products and services. This data... View Article

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The Ultimate UX Research Repository: Empowering Your Entire Product Team with Specialized Tools

User research is vital to the product development process as it helps product teams understand their users’ needs, behaviors, preferences, and pain points. By gathering insights from various research methods, such as user interviews, surveys, usability testing, and analytics data, product teams can make informed decisions based on evidence, rather than assumptions or personal opinions.... View Article

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Information Architecture vs Navigation: Creating a Seamless User Experience

When we first think of a beautiful website or app design, we rarely think of content structures, labels, and categories. But that’s exactly where great design and seamless user experiences begin. Beneath fancy fonts, layout, colors, and animations are the real heroes of user-centric design – information architecture and navigation. Information architecture (IA) is like... View Article

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Create a user research plan with these steps

A great user experience (UX) is one of the largest drivers of growth and revenue through user satisfaction. However, when budgets get tight, or there is a squeeze on timelines, user research is one of the first things to go. Often at the cost of user satisfaction.   This short sighted view can mean project managers... View Article

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Why user research is essential for product development

Many organizations are aware that staying relevant essential for their success. This can mean a lot of things to different organizations. What it often means is coming up with plenty of new, innovative ideas and products to keep pace with the demands and needs of the marketplace. It also means keeping up with the expectations... View Article

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Why information architecture is important for designers

Sitting inside any beautifully crafted and designed digital product, there must be a fully functional and considered information architecture. As much as information architecture shouldn’t be developed in a vacuum. Neither should the design and look of digital products. In fact, a large proportion of the function of digital designers is devoted to supporting users... View Article

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Why is information architecture important to UX design?

What is information architecture? According to Abby Covert, a leader in the field of information architecture, IA is ‘the way we arrange the parts to make sense of the whole.’ Information architecture (IA) is found in every digital product, from websites and apps to an intranet.  For the purposes of this article we focus on... View Article

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Is your website ever done?

In today's world, a website is never done. Just like your business, it needs to be dynamic and ever evolving.

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