The process of creating a design can either be brief (like a quick drawing) or complicated, involving research, consultation, prototyping and negotiation.

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Why information architecture is important for designers

Sitting inside any beautifully crafted and designed digital product, there must be a fully functional and considered information architecture. As much as information architecture shouldn’t be developed in a vacuum. Neither should the design and look of digital products. In fact, a large proportion of the function of digital designers is devoted to supporting users... View Article

3 min read
20 UX research (+design) tips from 2020

We’ve come up with a list of our top 20 UX research and design tips for 2020, covering everything from card sorting to visual design and guerilla user testing.

12 min read
How to sell human-centered design

The core of human-centered design is identifying something that people have trouble with and then building an appropriate answer.

6 min read
How to find your voice

Kah Chan, head of product design at Flick Electric Co, shares some advice on finding a voice.

4 min read