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Lunch n' Learn: Design Leadership - Beyond the Job Title

Sarah Clearwater - Creative Strategist & Design Leadership Coach - will share stories and insights from conversations with 28 people from across Aotearoa’s design & innovation ecosystem to help us reframe our understanding of design and leadership. 

2 min read
Lunch n' Learn: Annotating designs for accessibility

Annotating designs with accessibility information is a powerful way to focus on accessibility in the design phase, as well as communicate your accessibility decisions to others in your team. In this presentation, Sarah will talk about why accessibility annotations are useful, what they can be used for and how you can use popular design tools such as Figma to document accessibility requirements.

2 min read
Lunch n' Learn: Designing for Behaviour Change

Cole Armstrong, Managing Director of behavioural strategy agency NeuroSpot, gave us a quick intro to the world of behavioural science and how it can be applied to support design initiatives that really make a difference by driving actual behaviour.

2 min read