Street art in Washington DC takes her eye

As part of our epic World Usability Day promotion for 2014, and because this year's theme is 'engagement', we've invited our partners to send us images of things they've been finding engaging in their daily lives.

Today we hear from Sabrina Jess at Contactually. To contribute to our WUD celebration, Contactually is offering the winner an annual business plan worth $432. Very cool!

Now here's Sabrina's intriguing short story about a piece of street art next to her office in Washington DC.

sabrina jess

Sabrina Jess on what she finds engaging

"'What it is', says the guy wearing a backwards hat emblazoned with the DC stars and stripes.

Is he saying it? Or is someone else? Is he just the messenger? Or is he often mistaken as the messenger of this ambiguous message?

wall contractually

This man and this message watch over our office building on the corner every day, and every day I wonder 'Who are you and what are you trying to tell me?' This building art has been here long enough that I imagine I can find the answers about the creator and the message if I searched the internet long enough, but I refrain. In a way, I don’t really want to know what it’s supposed to mean. I don’t really want to know who that man is or why he’s there or if he’s connected to the phrase in anyway.

Every single time I see this building I stop and wonder what it’s trying to tell me. Constant, daily engagement from a piece of street art. I will probably never know the purpose behind the man and the message but I like to keep wondering. And I like to think that one of these days when I’m brainstorming possibilities that I just might stumble onto the true meaning of it all. Or maybe I’ll find that special meaning in it that was made just for me.'"

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Published on Nov 06, 2014
Kathryn Reeves

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