So Massachusetts...what's engaging you this week? Another WUD moment

As part of our epic World Usability Day promotion for 2014, and because this year's theme is 'engagement', we've invited our partners to send us images of things they've been finding engaging in their daily lives.

Now it's Wistia's turn! To celebrate WUD and contribute to our giveaway, Wistia is offering an annual business plan to their video hosting service worth a bangin' $240 whoop! Thanks Wistia, that's truly excellent!

And here's what's engaged them this week. Careful though! It'll give you cravings...

Wistia peeps on what they found engaging this week

"We Wistians love great food. Obsessed with great food, really. And Union Square Donuts make amazing treats. The maple bacon donut will knock your socks off!"

wistia engagement WUD

I told you to be careful. Damn, they look good. Holding the donuts is Meryl, and we have Kristen to thank for the photo.

Wistia provides a super cool video hosting service — head over to their website and check it out. I just asked my colleague what he thinks of Wistia, and he tipped his head back and said 'Ah, Wistia, it's amazing.'

To see more World Usability Day entry examples, check out what's been engaging us at Optimal WorkshopLouis Rosenfeld from Rosenfeld Consulting, and Sabrina Jess at Contactually. And follow @optimalworkshop to make sure you catch the competition kick-off date.


Published on Nov 06, 2014
Kathryn Reeves

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