Sneaky: OptimalSort on iPad

Last week we sneakily re-released our iPad ready HTML version of OptimalSort. If you get the opportunity to check it out and let us know what you think then please do.

It will be served to you if you're using iOS or Android. I'm pretty sure that some things aren't yet perfect in Android using certain browsers (strangely, Opera was best), and obviously a card sort is pretty small on a phone anyway. It is intended for people on iPads (either participants at home on the couch or consultants in the lab or on the street) but I have to admit it is actually surprisingly usable and fun on my iPhone 4.

This was briefly launched a few months ago but then an update to Safari on iOS broke something (setting focus on some of the text fields) on us so we pulled it again and for no good reason it has taken a while for us to get a fix in place and re-launch. Sorry about that.

Eventually we plan to have this version completely replace the existing Adobe Flash version and become the standard for everyone using OptimalSort.

There are a few interaction changes that you veterans will notice:


  • Instructions are now integrated into the tool. If you visit an OptimalSort study using an iPad you will not see the usual Instructions page at all. Ultimately we will pull this feature from the admin app too, standardising all card sorting instructions and leaving it up to the Welcome message to communicate any special instructions.
  • The implicit group creation by dragging a card from the left and dropping it on the right is [possibly] gone. In user testing we have observed that this is the part of a card sort that people struggle with the most. So we're trialling the option of a "Create a group" button INSTEAD. It is possible that we'll revert this, or support both methods of group creation, but it will be decided based on a combination of user testing results, usage analytics and your feedback. So please, feed back.
  • The old "Done" button at the bottom of the screen, the second most confusing part of completing a card sort, is now a "Finish" button at the top of the screen.

HACK: If you'd like to see this version on your desktop machine then please visit one of your OptimalSort studies and change the url from "activity.jsf" to "activity2.jsf" once you get to the actual card sort. Or just look at this demo.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that at this stage it ONLY IN ENGLISH! Other language support coming sooooon.

Published on Jul 04, 2012
Andrew Mayfield

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