Quantifying the value of UX design - the interactive infographic

I was raised to believe that when you lost time you could never get it back.

Time’s pretty precious. It’s the currency we spend to get things done. Seems to me, more often than not, things end up taking more time than expected.

I’ve produced an interactive infographic to celebrate World Usability Day 2012 that illustrates how UX designers around the world are winning back time, a most precious commodity for all of us.

Early 2012 saw a significant milestone when an Optimal Workshop customer used our online card-sorting tool, OptimalSort, to rack up the 1,000,000th user test on Workshop’s tools.

The passing of this milestone set me thinking.

"How much time is saved everyday across the world as the payback of UX design and usability testing?"

The question intrigued me. At first, the answer seemed elusive. Many knowledgeable UX designers and information architects simply had no idea of their impact on the world.

In October in an inspired moment, I decided to set about devising something to explore the question. Writing this, I do question if it was such an inspired moment – I’ve invested way more time than I had available chasing the answers!

So I’m really pleased now to introduce you to:

Quantifying the value of UX design –
an interactive infographic

I hope you like how it drills down and illustrates how UX designers and information architects around the world are winning back time.

Thanks to you and the UX community for making my world a little easier to navigate and way more enjoyable.

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Published on Oct 15, 2012
Andrew Mayfield

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