Post-task questions for Treejack and Chalkmark


We’re super excited to announce that you can finally set specific task-related questions for both Treejack and Chalkmark. Many of you have requested this feature, and now it’s finally here and ready to use with paid surveys. This feature allows you to dig deeper into the minds of your survey participants and gain new insights about your designs.

Post-task questions open up a variety of new options for understanding the actions people take in response to the tasks you set. You could ask specific questions about the design to run an impressions test, or do an expectations test by setting a task to click a specific button, where you would use the post-task questions as an opportunity to determine what the participant expected that click would do.

Let’s take a look at how you can start using this feature.

Getting started with post-task questions

To create post-task questions, go to the Tasks tab on the Edit Survey page.

Click the post-task questions link for the relevant task and add your question(s) within the pop-up, similarly to how the pre- and post-survey questions are configured. Required questions will need to be answered in order to continue the survey.


To view the post-task question results, click “Show post-task questions” on the task result overview to show/hide answers for task questions. Post-task question results appear in the Task Results tab for both Treejack and Chalkmark.

Why use post-task questions?

  • Asking questions directly after a task is completed allows you to dig deeper into why a participant performed the task in a certain way.
  • They can be used to enable the participant to provide additional comments on a task.
  • In Chalkmark, you can ask specific questions about the design and perform an impression test. You can also include tasks that reveal what the participant would expect from clicking a certain place.
Published on Apr 20, 2016
Chad Sandeman
  • Chad Sandeman
  • Chad is one of Optimal Workshop's many talented developers.

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