'Pay per survey' plan now available

You've asked for it, and now you have it. If you have a survey to conduct and you'd like a fixed price per survey instead of subscription pricing you can now Pay Per Survey.

This option is designed for those who:

  • are sure they have a single survey to conduct and have no plans to iterate or repeat their survey in the near future
  • prefer a discreet amount they can oncharge to clients or purchasing departments as an invoice line item instead of a subscription
  • and value knowledge that the amount will not recur if the study takes longer than anticipated

For all other people, the monthly or annual subscription model will continue to be a better value proposition as you get the benefit of conducting as many surveys as you like for the duration of your subscription.

Optimal Workshop continues to support hop-on-hop-off behaviour on all our plans. You are not forced to erase your data if you hop off for a while, as with many online software solutions.

Here it is:

Published on Mar 03, 2014
Alan O'Neill
  • Alan O'Neill
  • Alan is Optimal Workshop's marketing manager and digital lightbulb. He's Irish, loves surfing, and has a weird fascination with Red Pandas. Find him on @optimalworkshop or @optimalAlan

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