Participant Experience Makeover

New OptimalSort!

Over the past few months we have completely overhauled the participant experience for OptimalSort. Those in the know may have noticed that a beta version has been available for opt-in for a few months. Today I am excited to say that the shiny new OptimalSort is now out of beta.

Runs on your tablet (no Flash required!)

How about some moderated card sorting around the office, in the lab, or out on the street guerrilla style? Now you can card sort with your iPad or Android tablet! You can card sort anywhere. Take it to Starbucks to recruit.. amazing. Remember, you can always print the cards out on paper too if you want to work offline entirely.

Instructions, in context

Surprise: User testing of OptimalSort has shown that some people skip straight past your instruction page. OMG how could they? So, we’ve put the instructions right there in the middle of the activity. In context.

Moveable groups

Your participants can now move the groups around as much as they like! The groups will automatically tile into sensible columns so you cannot overlap and lose anything. If your participant wants to reorder their groups, or put one next to another, hey presto, they can do it! Free-ee-DOM!

Images on cards

The new OptimalSort supports images! Sort all your shoes in categories. Sort icons. Sort photos by how they make you feel. Click to zoom. Show the label or don’t show the label. The possibilities are possibly endless!

Your color, your way

OptimalSort is blue no more. With a much more flexible base colour palette you'll now see your chosen brand colors coming right through the card sort. Improved readability! Improved brand compatibility!

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Now, I don't want to make too much of a big deal about this feature. There is a very limited number of situations where you should use it, but if you really need to offer people a card label, a brief hover/tap description AND link to read more about what is on the card then you can do it. Sometimes you really do want people to actually understand what they’re sorting because the audience will understand what they’re looking for, and other times you really want that gut reaction. We get it. You got it.

Partial results saved

It used to be the case that you only got OptimalSort results when someone completed their card sort. Now, every time a card is dragged OptimalSort will save the current progress. This means you can see everything, even if people abandon the activity part way through. You can choose whether or not you want to include this data in your analysis.

Speaking of “include”

Have you noticed that you can now exclude individual participants from your results without deleting them? And the preference is saved automatically so you won’t have to hunt them out again tomorrow.

Published on May 15, 2013
Andrew Mayfield

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