A few points to consider before chucking in the towel

We all need to be happy with the jobs and workplaces we're in. Read on for Agony Aunt's advice on leaving a toxic workplace!

Card descriptions: Testing the effect of contextual information in card sorts

Card sorts are in essence a simple technique, however it’s the details of the sort that can determine the quality of your results.

How many people use search over navigation?

Search or navigation: which do people use more? It's hard to say, but both features need to be at their best to give your users an optimal experience.

Treejack takes a trip with American Airlines

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Treejack and OptimalSort visualizations get some love

Recently, our Lead Developer Ross took some time to make some improvements to our pietrees and dendrograms. Check them out here.

How to create use cases

If you haven’t had a chance to employ use cases into your planning processes yet, now’s your chance to learn the basics and start creating.

Understanding UI design and its principles

User interface design is an integral part of any website or application, and is also arguably one of the most important. Read on to learn more.

A guide to conducting a heuristic evaluation

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How to do an A/B test

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A quick analysis of feedback collected with OptimalSort

Your participants in OptimalSort can leave comments, which allows you to get the most out of your remote card sorting studies.