Understanding UI design and its principles

User interface design is an integral part of any website or application, and is also arguably one of the most important. Read on to learn more.

A guide to conducting a heuristic evaluation

Before you dive into your own heuristic evaluation, take some time to learn what they are, what’s involved, and how to conduct one.

How to do an A/B test

For anyone working in marketing, A/B testing is an extremely valuable method to try out changes to areas of your site. Read on to learn some of the...

A quick analysis of feedback collected with OptimalSort

Your participants in OptimalSort can leave comments, which allows you to get the most out of your remote card sorting studies.

A short guide to personas

Learn the basics of personas and how to validate them using our very own Chalkmark.

Testing FAQs with people who don’t use your site

Do FAQs add value to your site, or are they unnecessary? Here, we analyze the Active Kids FAQ page with our tree testing tool Treejack.

Correct areas for Chalkmark

We've enabled a new feature for Chalkmark that allows you to set one or more correct areas to new and existing surveys. Check it out here!

How to rehome your qualitative research notes into Reframer

Reframer allows you to import all of your observations and give them a new home, meaning you won't ever lose track of your old notes again.

Post-task questions for Treejack and Chalkmark

You can now set specific task-related questions for both Treejack and Chalkmark. Check out how to use this new feature here!

Gettin' down with Markdown

We've made an exciting change to survey messages to support text formatting with Markdown. Check out the basics here!