Our knowledge base sprint has begun — watch this space


You may have noticed that a lot has changed recently in the Optimal Workshop suite. New features, bug fixes, usability improvements and lipstick galore. To complement this exciting progress, we're making a big effort this week to update and expand the content in our Knowledge Base. This is part of our broader content strategy that's focused on making things easy for anyone using or contemplating using our tools.

The sun has risen on Day 2, and so far our shiny new information structure (user tested with OptimalSort and Treejack) has come to life — the IA is in place, the headings are written, and all that's left is to...well, write and edit more content. Taking cues from the dev team, we've adopted agile methodology — hence the colour-coded sticky notes and one-week sprint.

In a terribly irresponsible fashion and for maximum efficiency, some of the work we're doing is being done directly on the live Knowledge Base. This means you might encounter pages with very little (or nothing) on them. We figure this is probably not the end of the world. Last week the content wasn't there at all or was out of date, and next week it's going to be a whole lot more useful. This week we really appreciate your patience, love and support :-)

So if you've come across a useful-sounding heading on our Support page and found no content, don't despair. It's coming soon!

Published on Jul 01, 2014
Kathryn Reeves

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