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How to build a UX tool stack

So you're ready to do some user research, you've got your plan ready, your team is on board, now what?

10 min read
Usability testing with Optimal Workshop

Completing tasks is a common way of performing usability testing, so we’ve added new functionality to our qualitative research tool, Reframer, to support tasks.

3 min read
20 UX research (+design) tips for 2020

We’ve come up with a list of our top 20 UX research and design tips for 2020, covering everything from card sorting to visual design and guerilla user testing.

12 min read
How to create a UX research plan

Having a detailed UX research plan helps you keep your overarching research goals in mind as you work through the logistics of a research project.

9 min read
What is ResearchOps?

ResearchOps democratizes customer insights and makes everyone take responsibility for creating great customer experiences.

6 min read