New features added to OptimalSort

Today, we released the new OptimalSort from the ‘bleeding edge’ to the public.
‘Bleeding edge’ is our beta platform for users to test our new designs and offer us valuable feedback. Why is it called the ‘bleeding edge’? Because testing on beta can sometimes be painful. Be a part of the Optimal Workshop future and email us if you want to join our testing stage.
You can now access all the new features below from your existing account.

So, what’s new?

Adding cards one by one is more intuitive and bulk import is available for the initiated

First stage of contextual help

Drag and drop logo uploads

Improved WYSIWYG text editor for messages

Survey URL slugs are now automatically generated

The "OR" relationship between Redirect URLs and Thank You messages is more obvious

Made everything a little prettier

Well, not that pretty, but we really like the new design and hope you like it as well. We would love to hear your feedback about this new release. Email me with your thoughts on areas we need to improve, and we might start testing it in the ‘bleeding edge’.

Also: Check out another new feature: Hybrid card sorting option

Published on Feb 04, 2014
Alan O'Neill
  • Alan O'Neill
  • Alan is Optimal Workshop's marketing manager and digital lightbulb. He's Irish, loves surfing, and has a weird fascination with Red Pandas. Find him on @optimalworkshop or @optimalAlan

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