New feature: Share pre- and post-questionnaire responses

2 min read David Renwick

We’ve just added the ability to share pre- and post-study questionnaire results directly from 4 of the Optimal Workshop tools. We’ve also introduced sharing to all questionnaire results in Questions. Read on to find out why we developed this feature and how it works.

Why we made this change

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share the analysis outputs of your research with the people that need to see it. That’s why we’ve added some powerful new functionality to our UX tools.

Prior to this change, sharing questionnaire results could often be quite time-consuming. You’d need to download the results via the “Participant data” download, then transform them into a readable format and share them manually. Not ideal, and especially annoying when you’re in the midst of a project and just need to share the data quickly.

What we’ve changed

The existing “Sharing” tab (under “Results”) in OptimalSort, Treejack and Chalkmark will now have a “Questionnaire” tick box option under “Shared tabs”. Ticking this gives users the ability to share pre- and post-study questionnaire responses.

A screenshot of OptimalSort showing the new sharing functionality.

If you choose to share questionnaire results, keep in mind that you’re sharing raw responses from your participants. Before sharing with anyone, keep the privacy of your participants in mind and check if there’s any personally identifiable information included. If there is any personally identifiable information, you can always exclude the participant from your results on the “Participants” tab then go ahead and share your results.

Questions will get a new “Sharing” tab (under “Results”, it doesn’t currently have one) that will have one option (“Questionnaire”) that is always on and disabled.

The new sharing tab in Questions.

The results page will behave much the same as it does currently, but now you’ll be able to see the individual participant responses for each question and share them.

What this means for you is that now, with the click of a button, you can share your questionnaire results with your team, stakeholders, clients and whoever else needs to see them. Easy!

Wrap up

We’ve got more exciting updates on the way for the tools in the Optimal Workshop platform – stay tuned to the newsfeed and our blog. You can also read about some of the other updates we’ve launched recently right here.