Nailing the Reframer 'capture' experience


Our focus since launching Reframer has been to ‘nail the capture experience’. It’s absolutely critical that nothing gets in the way of getting qualitative research observations down when you’re there in a live scenario. Just as a pianist can’t take pause mid-concert to turn their own page, an observational researcher can’t stop to wrangle with software once the action starts.

So we're hard at work making sure Reframer as 'data-capture tool' gets out of your way until you're ready to call it back for presenting and analyzing the data analysis.

Features we've released so far to improve the capture experience

We launched Reframer with things like in-line tagging and automatic quote tags, and your feedback has been passionate and consistent since we launched. To improve the capture experience, we've also:

  • implemented keyboard control for almost everything
  • reduced delay to zero between saving one observation and starting the next
  • changed the default significance rating from 3/5 to 0/5 so we're not presuming anything
  • added the ability to *Star* key project observations to for quick access.

Now you can drag project and session tags onto observations

We've said it before, we'll say it again, and the more you do it, the more you'll love it — tagging is at the heart of Reframer. The more intuitive, useful, and consistent your tagging is (both as you capture and during your post-session analysis) the more rigorous, useful, and bankable your data will be.

Our new feature gives you an even quicker way to add tags quickly as you capture observations, and will also help you keep tags consistent across a whole project.

You can now grab a project or session tag from the right and drag it on to any observation, while you're typing or otherwise:

today2 Neat huh? You can also select multiple observations and then click a tag to apply it to all of them at once: today4

We think you'll have fun with this new feature, but above all, we hope it enables you to get your tagging consistent and thus refine your results. If you can think of other ways we can make this capture experience even more awesome for you, please discuss them in the comments or email us at

Published on Oct 20, 2015
Andrew Mayfield

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