Meow! Check out these CATegories from our CatSort survey


We may not have discovered the secret to eternal youth, or a solution to climate change, or...well, anything of any value at all to anyone. But at least we've gained some insight into how people intuitively group cats. And that’s what you’re here to find out, right?

We recently ran an OptimalSort cat pictures survey. For a card sort, any number of participants over about 30 is going to get you some proven data to inform your design decisions. We set the bar at about 50 people for cat taxonomy, and we’re pleased to report that 91 of you completed it. The participants sorted 13 cards into an average of 4 groups.

Now quickly, ask yourself: what CATegory would you create for this little sweetheart?

Yes, I completely agree. I created the CATegory 'Sexy cats' as well. But no other participant did. This cat was variously described as 'serious', 'aloof', 'smug', 'pissed off', 'unamused', and 'brownish'.

The most common CATegories were unsurprising — angry, confused, cute, grumpy, and happy. So here's the outliers — an unscientific summary of great cats CATegorised in truly unique ways.

Cats that look like humans / Ginger cats / Thinking cats / Deranged cats
MEH cats / Portrait cats / Wacked out cats / Confused cats
Cute cats / Cute cats / Cute cats / Cute cats   (this one's not really an outlier. But it is damn cute)
Smiling cats / Happy cats / WTF cats   (aw c'mon, he's cute!)
Drunk cats

And finally...

Cats not giving a fuck (fair enough)
Published on Jun 07, 2014
Kathryn Reeves

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