Lunch n’ Learn – UX in a distributed world

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Clara Kliman-Silver

In our first Lunch n Learn, Clara Kliman- Silver, Senior UX Researcher at Google unpacked some of the barriers to effective designer-developer collaboration.

In her talk “UX in a distributed world”, Clara discussed various workflow stages, the role of design systems, common pain points, and mitigation strategies — all based on UX research studies with designers, developers, and product teams over the last three years.

Clara also covered research on UX tools, how tools have transformed workflows, and where a perceived tooling problem might actually be a process issue (and what you can do about it). In addition, she considered how tools and workflows might evolve in the future.

📹: UX in a distributed world.

Speaker bio

Clara Kliman-Silver is a Senior UX Researcher at Google who studies design teams, design systems, UX tools, and designer-developer collaboration.

She specializes in participatory design and generative methods to investigate workflows, understand designer-developer experiences, and imagine ways to create UIs.

In previous roles, she has conducted research on developer tools, artificial intelligence, and healthcare. Clara holds a Bachelors of Science in Cognitive Science from Brown University.

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