Lunch n’ Learn: Self-leadership for Thriving Amidst Uncertainty

2 min read Morgan Dallas

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Susanna Carman

The post-pandemic landscape is defined by increased levels of uncertainty and disruption in both personal and professional contexts. Tech sector layoffs as well as education and health care employee burnout are just some examples of the human resource challenges we face at a time when our best, most creative selves are required to meet the challenge of larges-scale systems change. Regardless of our functional roles within orgs, conditions demand we enhance our capacity for self-leadership in ways that make us more adaptive at navigating change.

Susanna Carman joins us to lead an exploration of our very human resistance to change. Together we will be introduced to a practice that reveals the gap between our great intentions, the results we actually produce, and the potential for adaptation that is available to us when we unlock the energy bound up in this polarising tension. 

Speaker Bio

Susanna Carman is a Strategic Designer and research-practitioner who helps people solve complex problems, the types of problems that have to do with services, systems and human interactions. Specializing in design, leadership and learning, Susanna brings a high value toolkit and herself as Thinking Partner to design leadership and change practitioners who are tasked with delivering sustainable solutions amidst disruptive conditions. 

Susanna holds a Masters of Design Futures degree from RMIT University, and has over a decade of combined experience delivering business performance, cultural alignment and leadership development outcomes to the education, health, community development and financial services sectors. She is also the founder and host of Transition Leadership Lab, a 9-week learning lab for design, leadership and change practitioners who already have a sophisticated set of tools and mindsets, but still feel these are insufficient to meet the challenge of leading change in a rapidly transforming world.

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