Lunch n’ Learn – How to consider non-native English speakers in UX

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Anh Duong

In this Lunch n’ Learn our guest Anh Duong drew on her proud Vietnamese heritage to explore how UX practitioners and advocates can consider non-native English speakers in UX. Ahn shared her personal experiences to show and discuss how empathizing with people who don’t have English as their first language in your UX approach can really make a difference. This fun and interactive talk surfaced some really valuable takeaways including how considering a non-native English speaking point of view in your UX can actually improve digital experiences for everyone.

Speaker Bio

Anh Duong wears multiple hats at Catalyst IT as a Business Analyst, UX consultant and Accessibility Specialist. Practicing in different disciplines has helped her see how accessibility ties into every part of the product life cycle. Anh is passionate about helping others and is always looking beyond the rules and standards of UX or WCAG to find practical ways to create awesome accessible web designs. She has delivered web accessibility training and audits to many clients and actively participates in creating and maintaining a culture of accessibility and inclusive design throughout the company. Anh is proudly made in Vietnam with a healthy obsession of Banh Mi and Ca Phe Sua Da.

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