Lunch n’ Learn: Designing for Behaviour Change

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Cole Armstrong

We all understand the need to better understand our users when designing new products, experiences and messages, but are we, as designers, missing an opportunity sitting in plain sight?

This recording of Lunch n’ Learn features Cole Armstrong, Managing Director of behavioural strategy agency NeuroSpot. Cole gave us a quick intro to the world of behavioural science and how it can be applied to support design initiatives that really make a difference by driving actual behaviour. Drawing from examples around the world, he showed how a deeper understanding of human psychology has resulted in great outcomes. He also showed where it prevented failure, pointing out some of the design opportunities that we, as designers, could be overlooking.

Speaker Bio

Cole Armstrong is the founder and Managing Director of NeuroSpot, a behavioural strategy agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. At NeuroSpot, Cole is working with a range of New Zealand’s leading organisations, covering fields such as retail, supermarkets, financial services, and utilities amongst others, to apply a behavioural science lens to customer and user experience across a range of channels.

Cole has a diverse background covering academia, commerce and public sector, in New Zealand, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His perspective is that behavioural science allows organisations to more effectively identify why people do what they do, and then set in motion a series of evidenced based strategies to deliver on organisational outcomes.

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